Are your marketing efforts supporting your revenue goals? 

Our Digital Marketing consultants will develop a marketing strategy that will help your business increase sales and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.   

Marketing Optimization starts with a Marketing Strategy

Think of our consultants as an extension of your marketing team; we can help you establish program objectives, optimization strategy, roadmap for improvement, ROI analysis and tactics aligned with your business goals.

By understanding your mission, business objectives, marketing goals and business environment, our consulting team can develop a marketing plan that details the actions will be taken over time to achieve the business objectives, prioritize testing hypothesis and implement the right testing and targeting that drive the most impactful results.

We can determine what success looks like by understanding the business objectives, goals and KPIs. We start developing the strategy by understanding the marketing assets to identify which assets will help us reach our goals. Based on this analysis then we design a digital strategy and tactics that will help optimize the use of assets to reach our goals. This strategy includes media tactics, targeting, messaging, and testing plan. The last step is to prioritize and optimize tactics based on highest performance. Part of the performance management phase includes the development of a measurement plan, forecasting and optimization ideation.

Our Strategy and Marketing Consulting Services include:

Strategy Customer Journey

Customer Journey

To increase sales, you have to understand your customer’s journey from awareness to consideration to purchase. We visually lay out a map of the most popular journeys customers take in the purchase process to identify tasks and gaps.

ROI Analytsis

ROI Analysis

Return on marketing investment (ROMI) measures the profit earned from each marketing tactic investment. Understanding the return that you get on your marketing tactics will help prioritize your valuable marketing investment.

Marketing Strategy

Inbound Strategy

Before working on marketing optimization strategies, we will develop an inbound marketing strategy to drive traffic, identifying target customer motivators, search engine optimization, social media marketing and content strategies. 

Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan

The marketing plan will detail who are the target customers and how to reach them. It will detail the target, products, tactics and performance measurement, detailing all tactics and its potential for achieving your goals.

Optimization Strategy

Optimization Strategy

Based on the marketing strategy, the optimization strategy will analyze different hypothesis and forecast an outcome. It will detail all tactics and hypothesis to be tested on the marketing optimization process.

Target Customer Persona

Target Customer Personas

By establish customer segments and personas, we can learn from their behavior, motivations, affinities and touchpoints. It will also allow you to focus on the segments that align with your business objectives.