Do you know what is driving your website performance and marketing ROI?

Web Analytics are the barometer to keep track of performance marketing.

Unlock your digital potential through data and knowledge

Marketing has evolved from a creative process into a highly data-driven process.

If you are serious about improving your digital performance and establishing a profitable e-commerce business you must first understand your customers. Well implemented analytics contain a wealth of information about your customer behavior and site efficiency. Marketing analytics should be used to support both strategic marketing decisions and tactical campaigns. Web analytics should guide your decisions for investment and consumer targeting.

Our web analytics and data analysis focus not only on on-site web analytics, but also off-site including the measurement of a website's audience opportunity, share of voice, and buzz that is happening on the Internet as a whole. The people who visit your website, social media networks and other properties leave valuable information about their preferences and buying behavior. Our analytics team will turn data into insights, and set plans to improve the business.

​No matter your web analytics platform, we can help you get more value out of it. We follow a structured methodology, and have the expertise setting up metrics and KPIs, implementing analytics, dashboards and reporting metrics, analyzing and developing insights. Our team is proficient working with Adobe Analytics, AT Internet Analyzer III, Google Analytics, IBM Digital Analytics, SAS Institute, and Webtrends.

Our Web Analytics Measurement Services include:

Web Analytics Implementation and Configuration

Implementation & Configuration

Based on your objectives and measurement plan we work on the web analytics technical implementation and configuration. Our development team will make sure we are tagging, tracking, coding and testing your web analytics are implemented correctly.

Web Analytics Reporting Dashboards

Reporting Dashboards

We build custom dashboards to facilitate comprehension and analysis. Based on the complexity of the project we can set up manual spreadsheet dashboards or automated reporting suites, and send you daily, weekly and or monthly reports and recommendations.

Web Analytics Measurement Plan

Measurement Plans

Working with your teams we will establish a measurement plan, identifying your business goals and translating them into key performance indicators (KPIs) to track improvements. This measurement plan outlines your business objectives, goals, KPIs and success metrics, and will help us measure the impact of your marketing initiatives.

web analytics insights

Insights & Data Analysis

With the data in hand our experienced analytics team will develop insights that would help you optimize and improve performance to achieve business objectives and goals already set up in your measurement plan. Our digital analytics scope include keyword research, traffic analysis, social analytics, visitor behavior patterns and sales funnel analysis.

Web Analytics Audits

Web Analytics Audits

We audit web analytics implementations to validate that key visitor behaviors are captured accurately. We recommend fixes and enhancements to ensure robust numbers. Our consultants inspect elements and tracking codes, and perform test to validate that tracking code is functioning on each page.

Optimization Market Research

Market Research

We develop ad-hoc market research studies including demographic studies, customer segmentation, pricing and promotion analyses, conjoint analysis and other techniques to allow you to understand the target customers and improve our offerings and communications.